Our team

Ari Vélez Olivera (they/he)

BA in philosophy, MA in development studies and art curatorship. 7 years of experience in editing and translating texts (Spanish/English/Spanish) in the fields of social and agricultural sciences, human rights and climate change. Interpreter, Spanish (A) and English (B).

Angélica Gómez (she/they)

BA in Sociology and an MA in History and Theory of Art, Architecture and Cities. 10 years of teaching experience in visual studies, art history and theory. 5 years of experience in editing and translation of texts (Spanish/English/Spanish) in social and agrarian sciences, human rights, communication and popular organization, cultural administration, art and culture.

Blandine Juchs (she)

BA in sociology with a focus on critical theory. 10 years of experience as a conference interpreter, with a focus on human rights, climate change, peacebuilding and international law. French (A), Spanish (B) and English (B).

Isabel Rikkers (she)

Sociologist, translator and interpreter (Spanish/English/Spanish) with more than 8 years of experience. Emphasis on topics such as the labor movement, human rights and climate change as well as literary translation. Spanish (A) and English (A). 

Selene Cruz (she)

BA in Education in Modern Languages and a MA in Educational and Social Development. 6 years of experience as a language teacher, translator and interpreter on topics such as peace building, environment and conflicts. Translation and interpretation in Spanish (A), English (B) and German (C).

Silvia Quintero (she)

Lawyer with a MA in visual arts. 1 year of experience in editing, translation and interpretation (Spanish/English/Spanish) on topics such as human rights, gender, disability and incarceration. Spanish (A) and English (B).

Florian Nordberg (he)

Engineer by training, farmer. 10 years of experience as a translator (French - English - Spanish) and interpreter (French - Spanish) in the technical and scientific fields, as well as in social justice, climate and human rights issues. French (A) Spanish (B) English (C).