Who We Are

We are a cooperative of language professionals. We offer translation, interpretation, language instruction and editing services. We are united by the desire to find strategies that facilitate oral and written communication between cultures and movements, respecting and recognizing the needs and characteristics of individuals and organizations, as well as their diverse enunciation sites.

Structure and principles

We are committed to collective, working-class and social movements, which is why we have created a cooperative and solidarity-based structure that motivates us to build bonds of support and trust with people and organizations that require interpretation, translation, editing or teaching-learning services and that do not have the financial resources to access them.

To this end, our work is based on the principles of redistribution, internationalism and the creation of economic models that dignify work. Thus, our work does not support economies or policies based on the exploitation or precariousness of workers.

We work with a horizontal model with rotating positions and we make an equitable redistribution of income among those who are part of the cooperative.

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